ScanSnap SV600

  • Overhead scanner for all types of documents
  • Scan anything from business cards to bound material
  • Contactless scanning – for bound reports & delicate manuscripts
  • Automatic correction of curved page distortion
  • Scan and crop numerous documents in one scan
  • Fast response - three seconds to scan a 600 dpi A3 document
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Comparative Matrix S1100i S1300i iX100 iX500 SV600

One Button Scanning

Fast, efficient, and with total ease-of-use, that is the essence of ScanSnap productivity.

Scanner Type

Fujitsu manufacturers a variety of document scanners for personal, professional, or collaborative use.

Mobile Compact Mobile Desktop Desktop


ScanSnap comes in models that specifically connect to a computer via USB or connect to network via RJ45 10/100 base T

Connect to Computer Connect to Computer Connect to Computer Connect to Computer / WiFi5 Connect to Computer

Duplex or Simplex

Duplex scanning captures both side of a document at the same time while Simplex captures just the front-side in a single pass. ScanSnap support either requirement.

Simplex Duplex Simplex Duplex Simplex


Feed speed is a factor of ease-of-use since waiting on the paper to be scanned can effect productivity. The quality of the image also impacts speed performance. Consider the benefit of higher 300 dpi image resolution for improved OCR accuracy and search performance.

Colour (24bit) @ 150 dpi / 300 dpi
(1 Sheet)
7.5 Seconds N/A 5.2 Seconds N/A A3 in 3 Seconds
AC: Colour (24bit) @ 150 dpi,
A4 size
N/A 12 ppm /
24 ipm
N/A 25 ppm / 50 ipm A3 in 3 Seconds
AC: Colour (24bit) @ 300 dpi,
A4 size
N/A 6 ppm /
12 ipm
N/A 25 ppm / 50 ipm A3 in 3 Seconds
USB: Colour (24bit) @ 150 dpi,
A4 size
N/A 4 ppm /
8 ipm
USB: Colour (24bit) @ 300 dpi,
A4 size
N/A 2 ppm /
4 ipm

Multi-Page Scanning

An Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) allows operators to stack multiple pages into the feeder for fast "batch" style scanning.

1 page Up to10 pages 1 page Up to 50 pages 1 page

EZ Cleanability

A device that can be opened by the end user to expose the glass and roller surfaces allows operators to clean it periodically to help ensure optimal feeding performance.


Fujitsu provides a wide array of scanner choices to fit the lifestyle of the operator.

273 mm x 47,5 mm x 34 mm
(W x D x H)
284 mm x 99 mm x 77 mm
(W x D x H)
273 mm x 47,5 mm x 36 mm
(W x D x H)
292 mm x 159 mm x 168 mm
(W x D x H)
210 mm x 156 mm x 383 mm
(W x D x H)


Fujitsu provides a wide array of scanner choices to fit the lifestyle of the operator.

350 g 1.4 kg 400 g 3 kg 3 kg

Degree of Cross-Platform Support

The Desktop models come with software specific for PC or Mac but not both; however, the ScanSnap Manager (Driver) operates on both platforms.

PC and Mac PC and Mac PC and Mac PC and Mac PC and Mac

Paper Feed Detection

ScanSnap provides models that provide double-feed detection by length or by Ultra-sonic sensor. Ultra-sonic sensor detects double-feeds using sound waves to detect the air space between documents for added security in detection.

N/A Length N/A Ultra-sonic

Scan to Office(Word and Excel)

Converting paperwork with machine print back into editable .doc or .xls files provides exceptional productivity advantages for office workers, students, and personal users.

Plastic Card Scanning

Scanning hard cards and embossed cards (up to 0.76 mm thick) for preserving important personal information for fast digital recovery later is a great way to remain connected with your various identifications.


Scan to Cloud Services

Integrated into Quick Menu. Scan to Dropbox, Evernote, SalesForce, SugarSync and Google Docs provides users that have opened accounts to scan to the cloud (virtual storage).

Scan to iPad®/Scan to iPhone®/Scan to Android™/Scan to Kindle™

View documents on screen via the downloadable ScanSnap connect application which is available for free from application distributors.

Carrier Sheet Compatibility

Carrier sheets are protective sleeves that help to preserve delicate documents or photos passing through the feeder as well as allow operators to scan double-letter or A3 size documents through the feeder and digitally stitch them back together.

(not included)
(not included)


1 Weight does not include adaptors and cables.
4 Please call Fujitsu Sales at 44 208 573 4444
5 Applicable to Android/iOS/Kindle and PC or Mac in case of WiFi Connection

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