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Access your documents from any computer or mobile device.
Fujitsu ScanSnap document scanners take the complication out of scanning paper with one button ease of use. Perfect for on-the-road or on-the-desktop, ScanSnap's automatic features offer convenient scanning that everyone can use. Now, thanks to the partnership of Fujitsu and Evernote, pushing a single button on ScanSnap can make your scanned documents instantly available and searchable on virtually any computer and mobile device you use.


Scan Everything, Access it Anywhere
There is no need to be selective about what you scan into Evernote. Contracts, correspondence, forms, business cards, receipts, handwritten notes, even photos can be scanned directly into Evernote from your ScanSnap scanner. Literally, thousands of pages of scanned information can be stored securely, accessible anytime, anywhere. Your scans are accessible to all of the devices you use including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. You have the comfort knowing you have access to everything you have scanned at all times.
Find Everything
Once information is scanned into Evernote it becomes searchable whether in JPG (image) or PDF format. Scanned handwritten notes can be searched upon using Evernote’s intelligent character recognition. Meta data including attributes such as date created, last modified, contents, location information, and time stamps created at scan time helps you find those images when you need them. You can design your own taxonomies applied as tags enhance categorization, inter-relationships, search and retrieval.
Communicate & Collaborate More Effectively
Evernote supports sharing via email, social media (Twitter & Facebook) and note URL. Additionally it supports scanning to shared notebooks, allowing others granted with access to share, add, and collaborate on information in a more organized and secure way. Notifications show who is working with information located in shared notebooks.
Use the Evernote Ecosystem to Accessorize Your ScanSnap Experience
Once you have started scanning to Evernote you can easily add other capabilities that improve productivity. For example, the integration between Evernote and Expensify makes it easy to attach scanned receipts, streamlining expense reporting.



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